The FT-60

The FT-60 is the third car to be used over the course of almost two decades of the series’ history. Like the previous two, it’s a Tatuus chassis and is a state-of-the-art racing machine that is much more like a scaled down Formula One car than either of its two previous incarnations, the FT-40 and the FT-50.

The chassis is similar to that used in other global junior formulas, but uses an FIA homologated engine that will pack a powerful 285 horsepower (212 kW) – making it one of the best performing junior cars on the FIA’s recognised pathway to Formula One.

All Cars Are Prepared By TGRNZ To An Exacting, Identical Standard

The FT-60 features all of the key recent safety initiatives developed by the FIA in conjunction with Formula One. The design incorporates a ‘halo’ driver protection system to protect the driver from side, top and frontal impact from debris in an accident and also features the very latest in side and front impact technology in the chassis itself.

Twin wheel tethers are included in the design to prevent wheels flying off in the event of a crash, another feature straight out of Formula One. The car has undergone 36 controlled crash tests in the laboratory to ensure it meets the highest standards of safety in the sport today. It is strong, reliable and the perfect tool for a championship as competitive as the Castrol Toyota Formula Regional Oceania Championship.


A level playing field is the goal of every major domestic and international championship but it’s often a challenging and difficult position to achieve and then maintain. The Castrol Toyota Formula Regional Oceania Championship is amongst the best, and there are some simple reasons why.

In the off season all cars are prepared in house in a bespoke facility adjacent to the Hampton Downs Motorsport Park by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing NZ (TGRNZ) and that’s not just the chassis, it’s the engines and gearboxes too. All cars are built to the same exacting standards where the focus is parity and reliability. Above and beyond that the only testing programme carried out is the ongoing car development programme run off season by TGRNZ. A shakedown of each car is also carried out by TGRNZ a month prior to the first round of the championship to check quality and confirm
reliability and parity.

What it all adds up to is a championship that’s all about driving talent, racing strategy and the ability to learn quickly and work with the engineers. Everything a junior single seater championship on the FIA ladder should be about. And the proof? How about nine different winners from 15 races in our most recent 2023 championship.