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MTEC motorsport is a highly successful team formed in 2016 through the amalgamation of ETEC motorsport (one of the founding TRS teams) and Minda Motorsport, the Australian, multiple championship winning team.

MTEC drivers achieved podium results in the prestigious NZ GP in the 2018/2019
seasons. With 7 national and 5 regional championship wins under their belt, MTEC know what it takes to win at all levels.

MTEC have stood on the podium in every category entered, including TRS.”


Designed to develop and nurture the next generation of world class driver’s, The Castrol Toyota Racing Series is proudly supported by Toyota New Zealand.

Moving into another season as New Zealand’s premier category, Castrol Toyota Racing Series is as exciting, fast and closely fought as ever.The only class in New Zealand motorsport that offers aspiring racers vital experience with wings, slicks and composite technologies, The Castrol Toyota Racing Series is Toyota’s commitment to nurturing our next generation of top level racing talent.

No other manufacturer has made the same long term commitment to motorsport as Toyota. Drivers in the National Championship series compete for every major title and trophy in the sport. The series attracts Premier Gold Star status along with the New Zealand Grand Prix title, one of only two FIA-sanctioned Grand Prix race events outside of Formula One.

As one of only two FIA sanctioned Grand Prix race events outside of Formula One the Castrol Toyota Racing series attracts Premier Gold Star status, making it a truly world class motorsport event.

Attracting rising stars from the northern hemisphere, overseas drivers value the chance to compete during the northern winter and make a name for themselves while their rivals wait out the winter chill.

Rising starts from around the globe seize the valuable chance to gain a competitive edge over their rivals waiting out the winter chill in the northern hemisphere.


New Zealand’s premier single-seater category is the fastest and most competitive class in New Zealand.

The new FT-60 – the third car the series will have used in a championship that stretches back 15 years – is a state-of-the-art racing machine that is more like a scaled down Formula One car than either of the two previous machines, the FT-40 and the FT-50.

Designed like the previous two series cars by Italian manufacturer Tatuus, the chassis is similar to that used in other global junior formulae, but will use a new engine that will pack a powerful 270 horsepower (200 kW) making it one of the best performing junior cars on the FIA’s recognised pathway to Formula One.

The new car features all of the recent key safety initiatives developed by the FIA in conjunction with Formula One. The design incorporates a ‘halo’ driver protection system to protect the driver from side, top and frontal impact from debris in an accident and also features the very latest in side and front impact technology in the chassis itself.

Twin wheel tethers are included in the design to prevent wheels flying off in the event of a crash, another feature straight out of Formula One. The car has undergone 36 controlled crash tests in the laboratory to ensure it meets the highest standards of safety in the sport today.


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